Portakal Ahşap Üretim Paz.Ltd.Şti was established in 1994 with the intention of marketing office furniture. In 1998, it started work in this field as PVC edge band distributor. The process started in 2003 with the question of “why we should not produce?” has grown and evolved to this day.
Today, Portakal PVC edge banding, operating with a capacity of 850 tons/month in a 12000 m2 closed and 8000 m2 open areas, meets the needs of furniture manufacturers with experienced 120 staffs.
With 300 colors and patterns, more than 50 dealers both in the domestic market and in exports, keeping up with the rapidly changing fashion of the furniture industry and helping furniture manufacturers to produce the most harmonious edge bands.
Aiming to contribute to the country's economy with its exports to 50 countries, Portakal pvc has always made it a mission to be at the side of domestic and foreign producers with its domestic identity.